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Suddenlink Forced Back to State Court

On February 2, 2022, a federal judge granted a motion filed by EKO on behalf of the plaintiffs in a lawsuit that seeks to end false advertising by telecom company Suddenlink Communications.

The case was originally filed in California State Court in Nevada County (Truckee), but Suddenlink (a subsidiary of Altice USA) quickly removed the case to federal court. Suddenlink then filed a motion asking the federal court to send the case to arbitration. The plaintiffs, led by EKO’s Julie Erickson, opposed the motion and filed a competing motion seeking to have the case sent back to Nevada County.

Last week’s order by Judge Troy L. Nunley of the Eastern District of California granted EKO’s motion to remand, meaning the case will be transferred back to Nevada County Superior Court.

The judge also denied Suddenlink’s motion to compel arbitration as moot.

This is a significant and positive development for the plaintiffs and their case, which seeks to end false and misleading advertising regarding Suddenlink’s home internet services.

For more information on the suit, click here.

The lawsuit is Bow, et al. v. Cebridge Telecom CA, LLC, et al.



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