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The interpretation of law is our friend. And we recognize when one has been broken, or just slightly bent. EKO is a boutique powerhouse that takes down big offenders in large class action suits. Our goal is twofold: to right the wronged ($$$), and to create redeeming, resounding societal change. Because, win-win.

Our values
rive every move we make.



We’re boutique—and that’s by design.  EKO is a firm of three. We keep it tight because we’re particular about our talent, selective in our cases, and dedicated to making a positive dent in the world. Our lean team can move quicker, pivot faster, and focus deeper than the bigger, bloated firms. At EKO, you hire the A-team, you get the A-team.



We’ll walk into any room, sit at any table, and never back down. We’ve gone up against some of the largest, most complex industries in the world—from healthcare to higher education to consumer products and crypto. We’re never afraid to venture into the unknown, where the laws are murky, new, or yet to be written. In fact, we kinda like it there.



You matter, your case matters, and the repercussions matter. To us, you’re a human being, not a file. We’re more concerned with getting money in your bank than getting a headline in the New York Times. And out of respect for you, we’re transparent about how we make money: when you get paid, we get paid.

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