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How Is the Pandemic Affecting the Future of Workers' Rights?

2022 will be an epic year in the field of employment law and workers’ rights as the pandemic is changing the legal and economic landscape. While the "great resignation" is pushing wages up in many sectors, wage theft, trafficking, retaliation, and other violations of workers' rights remain rampant. Legislators and voters will decide on countless proposed new laws, including an attempt to repeal California's Private Attorneys General Act in the guise of a "fair pay" law.

On January 18, 2022, EKO Law and the Alexander Community Law Center of Santa Clara Law presented top employment law practitioners Moira Heiges-Goepfert of Outten & Golden, LLP and Ruth Silver Taube to discuss the horizon of labor law. The topics they discussed included proposed federal, state, and local COVID-19 legislation impacting workers that could lead to more permanent changes to the FMLA, sick leave rules, OSHA laws, and funding for childcare for working parents, among other topics.

The presentation offered California lawyers 1 hour of free MCLE credit and the materials, including outlines of their presentation, can be found below.

Employment Panel - Speaker Notes.Outline 1.18.22-8
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