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Healthcare Data Breaches

In 2023 alone, EKO filed ​data breach class actions on behalf of over 5 million patients in New York, Michigan, and California against healthcare providers that failed to protect their patients' most private information.

  • Pastore v. Enzo is a case where hackers stole the private medical information of physician Robert Pastore, among over 2 million other patients, from a lab testing company in New York.

  • In Weathers v. McLaren, a known threat actor accessed over 2 million patients' medical records by attacking a vulnerability in the networks of Michigan's largest healthcare system.

  • Copans v. Sutter Health involved a California healthcare giant that used the MOVEit file transfer software to store patient data. More than 800,000 patients' medical information was released when hackers attacked a vulnerability in the software. 

After each one of these breaches, the healthcare providers waited for months before publicly acknowledging they had been breached and their patients' medical records were for sale on the dark web.

EKO is dedicated to holding healthcare providers accountable when they fail to take data privacy seriously

If you were a victim of unauthorized access of your personal medical information or have information about these cases, please contact an EKO attorney.

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