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Enzo Data Breach

In April 2023, Enzo Biochem disclosed in SEC filings that it had allowed unauthorized access to over 2.4 million individuals' sensitive medical information and 600,000 social security numbers.

Medical information is among the most sensitive data and deserves a proportional level of protection. When businesses fail to safeguard medical information, the law subjects them to severe penalties. Individuals whose data is compromised can recover statutory damages of up to $2,500, any losses they incur as a result of the breach, and the cost of remedial measures like added identity theft protection services.

Residents of California are afforded additional protections under the state's Consumer Privacy Act and other laws specifically designed to protect medical information. Californians affected by the breach should receive a letter like the one described in the California Civil Code, described here.

EKO has filed a complaint in the Eastern District of New York federal court alleging violations of California and New York privacy and consumer protection laws. The case is Pastore v. Enzo Clinical Labs, Inc., Case No. 

If you were a victim of unauthorized access of your personal medical information or social security number, or have information about this case, please contact an EKO attorney.

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