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Collective action. Workplace fairness. Consumer safety. We are built to protect and fight for these principles. We represent people - consumers, investors, workers and a number of other individuals - seeking justice. Our advantage is our personal relationships with all the clients we serve.


Consumer Protection 

Consumers have the right to know the products they buy are safe and the ads they see are truthful. We fight negligence and fraud in the marketplace.

Financial Fraud

Financial institutions have to play by the rules. We prosecute fraud and mismanagement by investment banks, lenders, and other financial institutions.

Workers' Rights

Employers use sophisticated schemes to cut corners. We stand up for workers when employers violate workers' rights to fair pay or equal treatment.

Elder Abuse

Chronic neglect and understaffing plague the industry of elder care. We represent victims of neglect and fraud in skilled nursing facilities and residential care facilities.

Sexual Abuse

In cases of widespread sexual abuse and harassment, we bring relief to the victims. Our attorneys have represented victims in the county's most high profile abuse cases.

Privacy Violations

You and your family have a right to privacy. We enforce individual privacy rights protecting consumer data, medical records, school records, and more.

Service is the greatest of freedom's privileges 

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