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UniSea Wage Theft

The seafood industry is vitally important for many Americans. In several states, the industry is among the top employers. 

Many fisheries process seafood in remote areas where the local workforce cannot meet seasonal needs. Processing facilities, therefore, recruit workers from other states and countries to work for weeks or months at a time. Workers are enticed with promises of big paychecks, paid travel to the facility, and free room & board.

Seafood processing plants, however, often put profits above workers' rights, refusing to compensate workers for time spent on necessary tasks. The workers, who are often thousands of miles from home, have essentially no power to speak out against such treatment.

EKO has successfully litigated cases against seafood processors who break the law and is currently pursuing claims against seafood processor UniSea, Inc. If you have information about wage violations against seasonal seafood processing workers, contact us at the link below.

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