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Suddenlink Outages

EKO lawyers have filed a complaint against Suddenlink Communications, a subsidiary of Altice USA, for false and misleading claims regarding its home internet services.

Suddenlink advertises high speed cable television and internet in remote communities. Customers find the speeds of Suddenlink's services are nowhere near the speeds it advertises. In many cases, consumers have purchased subscriptions for speeds Suddenlink is apparently incapable of providing. In other instances, customers have lost service for months at a time with no explanations and no refunds. 

Suddenlink's customer service resources frustrate customers at every turn. Callers are often on hold for up to an hour, calls are routinely dropped, and promises are made for technicians who never come.

Due to Suddenlink's failures, entire communities are unable to use their home internet for such essential activities as distance learning, working from home, staying informed of pandemic conditions, and operating home security systems.​ For many customers, Suddenlink is their area’s only provider of cable and broadband services.

Despite countless complaints, Suddenlink continues to advertise reliable high speed service, deceiving many Californians who depend on internet at home.

If you are a current or former subscriber to Suddenlink whose has found its service does not match its advertising, EKO Law is taking action. We are investigating customer issues and litigating to put an end to Suddenlink’s false claims. Contact us to share your experience.

EKO attorneys have represented consumers in some of the country's most significant corporate fraud and false advertising cases. 

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