Robinhood Hack

UPDATE: Robinhood acknowledged that on November 3, 2021, millions of users' account details were exposed in a data breach. If you were affected and have information or questions about the breach, contact an EKO attorney.

EKO has filed a class action lawsuit against FinTech giant Robinhood related to a data breach. Thousands of Robinhood customers’ accounts were hacked, leading to millions of dollars in losses. 

The lawsuit, is filed on behalf of all Robinhood customers who were victims of unauthorized use from January 1, 2020 to the present. It alleges that Robinhood was negligent by failing to provide better data security protocols and in its handling of the breach, including by failing to alert customers in a timely fashion and by refusing to reimburse customers for their losses despite promising to do so. It also claims Robinhood violated the California Consumer Privacy Act, Customer Records Act, and California consumer protection laws, among others.


EKO is continuing to investigate. If you were a victim of unauthorized use of your Robinhood account, or have information about this case, please contact one of the attorneys at EKO.

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