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Investment Ponzi Schemes

In a​ "Ponzi" scheme, an investment advisor convinces investors to give them money to invest, then takes that money to pay off other investors who are already in the scheme.

Usually, no one knows an advisor is running a Ponzi scheme until it collapses and the advisor vanishes with their investors' money or loses everything. Sometimes, the advisors are not the only ones involved in a Ponzi scheme. Banks and brokers have an obligation to make sure the money they transmit is clean. When they see red flags but refuse to act to stop a Ponzi scheme, or actively help the scheme succeed for their own benefit, they can be liable as well.

EKO represents investors, particularly those from vulnerable communities like immigrants and seniors, in cases against manipulative advisors and the institutions that enable their fraud.

If you lost money in a Ponzi scheme and want to know your rights, please contact an EKO attorney.

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