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Mindvalley Sells Your Viewing History

EKO has filed a class action lawsuit against the online tutorial platform Mindvalley for illegally selling users' video viewing histories to advertisers. Contact EKO today if you're interested in joining this lawsuit.

The Video Privacy Protection Act, or "VPPA," makes it illegal for online services like Mindvalley to sell their customers' video viewing histories. It's such a serious breach that the law imposes a $2,500 fine per violation. This is also one of the types of privacy violations that EKO is built to find and fight against.

In the lawsuit, EKO alleges Mindvalley collects users' viewing histories using a hidden tracking code. It then shares this data with Meta, which uses it to sell ads.

If you want to share information about this case, or if you know about other instances of online services selling users' video histories, we want to hear about it.

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