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JRK Residential Price Gouging

EKO represents residents of JRK Residential apartment buildings in California whose rents were raised at rates the State of California considers "price gouging."

Beginning in 2017, one wildfire after another decimated California. The governors (first Brown, then Newsom) put in place "state of emergency" proclamations. In California, when a state of emergency is put in place, it triggers a law in the Penal Code that makes it a crime to engage in price gouging. In the context of housing, the price gouging law generally makes it illegal for landlords to raise tenants' rents by more than ten percent. The State has passed more laws since 2017 that have a similar effect.

EKO represents tenants in a class action filed against JRK Residential, one of California's largest landlords, alleging it violated these laws through illegal rent hikes. The case is Felker v. JRK, Case No. SCV-267587, in Sonoma County Superior Court. 

EKO attorneys have represented consumers in some of the country's most significant corporate malfeasance cases. If your rent has been raised at what seems like an unfair rate and you want to know if you have the right to do something about it, let us know.   

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