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DreamSource Lead Generation Fraud

EKO has filed a class action complaint against DreamSource Consulting and affiliated entities for allegations of defrauding life insurance agents with a sham lead-generation program called "Predictable Premium."


DreamSource is a Nevada-based corporation that markets its sales lead program to agents at the country's largest life insurance carriers. The complaint alleges that once agents pay for the program, they find most, if not all, the tools offered in the program violate major carriers' strict advertising rules, rendering the program useless. The complaint alleges the true aim of the program is to convert DreamSource customers into sales people, a practice often referred to as a "pyramid scheme." Moreover, when agents request refunds, they find DreamSource's 100% money back guarantee is also illusory.

The complaint is available here.


EKO filed the claim as a class action on behalf of all New York Life agents who bought into the program, and is investigating leads from agents of other carriers

If you have information about DreamSource or other pyramid schemes, please contact an EKO attorney.


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