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2K Games Looting User Funds

EKO has filed a consumer class action case against the company behind some of the most popular video games on the market, including NBA 2K.


The complaint claims the company, 2K Games, bombards gamers with manipulative marketing to get them to spend real money on in-game "virtual currency." Every year, it updates its games, posts news that it will shut off the servers for older versions of the game, and deletes any virtual currency remaining in the users' accounts.

Other video games let players transfer in-game currency to new versions of their games, or keep old versions active for years. Not 2K Games. According to the complaint, it disconnected the servers for NBA2K 2021 in December 2022, and deleted the virtual currency of thousands of users at the same time. No refunds. No explanations.

Unfair business practices are illegal under California Unfair Competition Law. The suit alleges 2K Games violated this and other laws, and is liable to the users for the value of the virtual currency it deleted.

If you want to share information about this case, or if you've lost virtual currency when an older game was deactivated, we want to hear about it.

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