Our practice is focused on class action litigation. We represent a diverse range of people that includes workers, investors, the elderly, victims of sexual abuse, and others seeking justice.

Wage & Hour

Labor laws protect workers from illegal pay practices and working conditions. EKO represents workers when employers refuse to pay proper wages, reimburse expenses, or provide legally required breaks. Our attorneys have represented workers in cases against the country's largest companies.


Misclassifying workers is a common scheme for unscrupulous employers to increase profits at their workers' expense. Common examples of misclassification include treating "gig economy" workers as independent contractors and restaurant and retail managers as "exempt" employees. EKO fights for lost wages and systemic changes that safeguard workers' rights to a fair workplace.

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Nursing Home Staff Pay

Nursing homes and residential care facilities chronically underpay their staff, often requiring them to forego breaks and chart off the clock. This is illegal.

Seasonal Cannery Work

Seafood processing plants entice seasonal workers with offers of big paychecks. When they arrive, however, workers find deplorable and illegal working conditions.

Hospital Worker Safety

Doctors, nurses, and environmental services staff in hospitals are commonly exposed to unsafe or unhealthy work, such as toxic cleaning products