Our practice is focused on class action litigation. We represent a diverse range of people that includes workers, investors, the elderly, victims of sexual abuse, and others seeking justice.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can involve a range of behavior, physical or verbal. Survivors may bring a civil claim for themselves, or if a minor, a parent or guardian may bring a claim on the survivor’s behalf. Survivors often seek monetary compensation for past and future medical treatment including therapy, damages for pain and suffering, and equitable relief, such as requiring that institutional defendants adopt policies and procedures to prevent and respond appropriately to reports of sexual abuse.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can involve unwanted sexual advances, offensive, sexualized language, or denial of equal pay or professional opportunities.  Plaintiffs can seek monetary compensation and equitable relief by bringing a civil claim under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, or under state and local laws and regulations.

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UCLA Abuse Scandal

Dozens of women have come forward with allegations that UCLA Medical gynecologist Dr. James Heaps engaged in sexually inappropriate conduct during their exams. Reports indicated UCLA was aware of the misconduct but allowed Heaps to continue to practice. EKO represents victims of Dr. Heaps.

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