Our practice is focused on class action litigation. We represent a diverse range of people that includes workers, investors, the elderly, victims of sexual abuse, and others seeking justice.

Data Breach

Companies that collect user data have an obligation to safeguard it. State and federal laws impose strict penalties against companies that allow the release of user data. We prosecute data breach cases on behalf of users whose private data has been compromised.

Data Collection

Privacy laws control how companies can collect data and what they can collect. Students, patients, borrowers, and workers all have expansive rights preventing the illegal collection or sale of their data. In many cases, those whose data has been illegally collected are entitled to recover penalties. We prosecute the illegal collection and sale of data.

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Robinhood Account Hacks

Hackers recently compromised the online accounts of thousands of investors, looting millions of dollars and obtaining highly sensitive personal information. Data compromises require responsible parties to compensate victims for their losses and pay statutory penalties.

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