Interactive Brokers Ponzi

Banks and brokers that knowingly aid fraud can be held responsible for investors' losses.


From 2012 to 2016, an investor named Haena Park fraudulently induced approximately 50 individuals to contribute to foreign exchange, or "forex," investment funds she managed. Park claimed the funds had strong track records, when they were actually losing staggering sums that totaled approximately $23 million.

According to reports from government agencies, Park used the firm Interactive Brokers to invest. In 2020, regulators cited and fined Interactive Brokers $38 million in relation to its role in the scheme and other violations of anti-money laundering rules. 


EKO has filed a class action complaint against Interactive Brokers alleging the company aided and abetted Park's scheme to defraud her investors. If you have questions about the case, contact us.

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