Our practice is focused on class action litigation. We represent a diverse range of people that includes workers, investors, the elderly, victims of sexual abuse, and others seeking justice.

Banking Litigation

Commercial banks are prohibited from making false or misleading statements about their services. Too often, consumers are cheated when banks charge hidden fees. Meanwhile, the advancing field of "Fintech" (financial technology) offers consumers a head spinning array of exotic and risky products that affect the way people borrow, make payments, and manage money. We understand the regulations controlling commercial banking and can help if you have been taken advantage of.

Investment Fraud

Investment fraud involves deceptive acts or statements that lead investors to purchase or sell assets. When financial institutions or brokerage firms defraud investors, state and federal laws offer broad protection. Contact EKO to pursue legal action and take back what is yours. 

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COVID-19 Margin Calls

As the financial market was reeling from the coronavirus shuttering American businesses, financial institutions sold investors out of positions, allowing brokers to collect commissions and fees.

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