Our practice is focused on class action litigation. We represent a diverse range of people that includes workers, investors, the elderly, victims of sexual abuse, and others seeking justice.

Understaffing & Fraud at Nursing Homes

All too frequently, skilled nursing facilities and assisted living facilities promise elderly people and their families that they will receive the nursing attention and care support they need to live comfortable and dignified lives. In reality, these facilities grossly underdeliver on those promises, instead basing their staffing levels on pre-determined budgets that fail to take any consideration of the individuals who reside there. The result is neglect, injury, indignity, and financial fraud. EKO fights against these predatory practices through class action lawsuits that seek financial compensation and corporate policy change in order to protect the elderly and their families.

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EKO is always investigating reports of understaffing and other fraud at nursing homes and assisted living facilities. If you have experienced fraud, understaffing, or another form of abuse at a nursing home or assisted living facility, contact EKO to learn more about what we can do for you.